by ila-spa

ila-spa The Healing Heart Facial

The Healing Heart Facial from ila-spa is an indulgent, restorative massage treatment to help alleviate feelings of tension, drain puffiness and relax facial muscles for a smoother, more toned visage. Symbolic of peace and love, the heart-shaped stones are made from Rose Quartz – a pink-hued crystal renowned for its electromagnetic abilities to promote healing and soothing properties. The stones can be symptomatically placed on your forehead, eyes and heart, while you concentrate on regulating breathing, to promote a sense of calm, relaxation and balance. Place the hearts in the fridge if your body feels hot, or if you have a sluggish lymphatic system, place them in boiling water for extra stimulation. Simply clean with soapy water and allow to dry in direct sunlight, allowing the crystals to recharge their energy.…

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